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At cctv northeast we only use what we feel is the best cctv equipment and the best does not come cheap.

If you want reliability,quality images day and night you need a system that has what you need not what you dont need.

Apart from quality cameras the most important part of your system is the DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) this is the heart of the system and when buying a system most people think a recorder is a recorder but this is far from true.

You need a dvr which can give you many features and handle the system with ease
Our policy to you
“Aerial Northeast & Cctv Northeast Run hand in hand”
CCTV Northeast developed from our main company Aerials Northeast.

We found more and more people wanted and required cctv systems and we pride ourselves in this service
The Hikvision range of Turbo Video Interface (HD-TVI) DVR sets the new standard for analogue CCTV. These recorders allow you connect any traditional analogue CCTV camera and our full range of 720p and 1080p Turbo CCTV cameras, you can even record IP cameras with this DVR. The cameras can be wired using RG59 coax cable or CAT5/6 cable when used with Video Baluns, Baluns for standard analogue cameras can be used with Turbo cameras up to 40 meters. These recorders allow HD 720p viewing/recording @ 25fps and full HD 1080p viewing/recording @ 12fps and are supported by Hikvisions IVMS4200 Client Viewing Software for PC MAC and IVMS4500 for all Smartphone Platforms